• Abbey

    Id like to introduce, Abbey! This six month old English Cream Golden Retriever has such a warm heart. This session was so special, being able to really spend time with Abbey and her owner, Maria, who not to mention is a rock star of a photographer herself. Though she's big, Abbey is totally still a puppy... I mean, look at those ears! That face! Such a big love. 

  • Pelusa & Yunta

    Meet Pelusa & Yunta!

    Earlier in the week, I had the pleasure of photographing them in my studio. Both had such sweet temperments, yet totally different personalities. Pelusa, the chiwawa/pomeranian mix, was full of animation, and very chipper, her sister Yunta, the staffordshire bull terrier had such poise and pride, and would not leave her masters side. Both each brought a totally new level of entertainment to the way I usually work, and I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to meet and play with them.

    The relationship that Pelusa and Yunta have with their owners truly touched me... Yunta showed to me a true, unbreakable bond that she has with her master. Only leaving his side for a handful of moments, so I could capture portraits of her along with Pelusa, she would immedetly return back to his side with pride.

  • Wet and Wild, full of soul, Abigale!

    Wet and Wild, full of soul, Abigale!

    I feel proud when my photographs are able to speak for themselves, and my session with Abby I feel you all can see how much fun we had and how happy she was. Abby belongs to my neighbor and for awhile Ive been wanting to document her at the place she loves the most, the beach so we set somthing up.  

    Unlike my dog, who runs directly into the water the second he gets his four paws on the beach, Abby excepted her moms permission before she got totally wet and insanly wild AND SHE ADORED IT!This is one of my favorite, if not my favorite shot from our session, her shaking the salty water off. I love how her lip is up in the air, those little details!There wasnt a moment where Abby stopped to catch her breath, the beach was a giant playground for her!

  • Erika & Jeremy

    Erika & Jeremy

    There is such a natural sweetness between Jeremy and Erika. Even though our little photoshoot was very short, because we attended her friends first, "Catalina Wine Mixer," yes it was epic, we had a nice shoot! Erika is an incredibly talented photographer and I have been lucky to of gotten to know her over the last two years at work, where shes taught me so much. I am very grateful to have a friend like her in my life. She met Jeremey around the time I met her, and they are truly the defintion of a putting the puzzle pieces together. A perfect match!

    Our shoot wouldnt of been the same if it wasnt for Erika's dog, Milo and Jeremy's parents Westhilen Terror, Layla coming as well. I have photographed Milo in the past, he is a total ham for the camera and knows how to listen and obey where as sweet Layla, who was very shy and quiet decided to stick to herself and focus on the smells around her during the shoot. 

    This photograph is my favorite of them, because this sums them both up together perfectly... true love, with a punch! 

    I let Erika photograph Milo on my contax so the photograph above and the horizontal shot of him are hers! Please do yourselves a favor and view her work at RIGHT-NOW!

    Contax 645 Portra 160 and Ilford Delta 100

  • Free bird

    Free bird

    Luckly came across these two elegant, blissful and totally beautiful antique vintage dresses over the weekend at a local flea market. Had to sweep them up before someone else took them. I wanted to photograph them and show their beauty that I could see, so what better way to hang them in the wild... letting the air pass through them, floating with such delicasy.

    These are the first two sucessful 4x5's I have photographed and self developed since 2010...!!!!!

  • Ladies in White

    Ladies in White

    A couple months ago, my friend Jordan Brian, owner of Jordan Brian Photography and I got together with two of his super sweet friends, Olivia and Robin and had ourselves a mini photoshoot. We had a great time and a lot of laughs... these photos were beyond over-due on getting up on the blog. Enjoy!