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  • Wet and Wild, full of soul, Abigale!

    Wet and Wild, full of soul, Abigale!

    I feel proud when my photographs are able to speak for themselves, and my session with Abby I feel you all can see how much fun we had and how happy she was. Abby belongs to my neighbor and for awhile Ive been wanting to document her at the place she loves the most, the beach so we set somthing up.  

    Unlike my dog, who runs directly into the water the second he gets his four paws on the beach, Abby excepted her moms permission before she got totally wet and insanly wild AND SHE ADORED IT!This is one of my favorite, if not my favorite shot from our session, her shaking the salty water off. I love how her lip is up in the air, those little details!There wasnt a moment where Abby stopped to catch her breath, the beach was a giant playground for her!