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  • Erika & Jeremy

    Erika & Jeremy

    There is such a natural sweetness between Jeremy and Erika. Even though our little photoshoot was very short, because we attended her friends first, "Catalina Wine Mixer," yes it was epic, we had a nice shoot! Erika is an incredibly talented photographer and I have been lucky to of gotten to know her over the last two years at work, where shes taught me so much. I am very grateful to have a friend like her in my life. She met Jeremey around the time I met her, and they are truly the defintion of a putting the puzzle pieces together. A perfect match!

    Our shoot wouldnt of been the same if it wasnt for Erika's dog, Milo and Jeremy's parents Westhilen Terror, Layla coming as well. I have photographed Milo in the past, he is a total ham for the camera and knows how to listen and obey where as sweet Layla, who was very shy and quiet decided to stick to herself and focus on the smells around her during the shoot. 

    This photograph is my favorite of them, because this sums them both up together perfectly... true love, with a punch! 

    I let Erika photograph Milo on my contax so the photograph above and the horizontal shot of him are hers! Please do yourselves a favor and view her work at RIGHT-NOW!

    Contax 645 Portra 160 and Ilford Delta 100