• The breaking of the waves

    The breaking of the waves

    For as long as I can remember as a photographer, when walking into a photoshoot either it be for a client or for myself... I photograph the same way. The way I suppose one could call "my style." As all artists develop their own style, wether we see it or not, artists are their own. I feel my work is always so close to my subject, extremely shallow depth of field, never wide... never out of focus. Recently I've heavily been critiqing my work and trying to find what makes me happy within the medium of photography.

    For two solid months, I felt no urge to pick up my camera... I did not touch any of them. Like previous blocks I've had in the past, they tend to end with an excessive gush of production in new work, the subject never being the same.

    In the beginning of the year I told myself that I was going to really break out of my shell... develop new bodies of work that have strong meaning behind them. Not just single pieces, but bodies of work, collections! Ive never been comfortable with photographing wide, and working with movement... allowing my subject to actually be filled with life, and instead of freezing time, but allow time to keep moving long after the shutter has been released.

    I produced these photographs last week at the beach close to my home at sunset. The color were photographed with Kodak Portra 160, Ilford PanF50 and Ilford Delta 400 on a Contax 645.

    These photographs are my thoughts and feelings I have been holding inside me for quiet some time, about myself and my work. Being able to let go, walk against the currents, move with the world around me, pushing how I work ... learning to be free.

  • Lauren Miller

    Lauren Miller

    Its been awhile since I posted and there is soooo much to post! I have been itching to get these up, but just been waiting for the right time. Had a little fun, casual photo session with my good friend, Lauren in Fairmount Park.

    Contax 645 - Fuji 400H converted to B&W

  • Baby Devan

    Baby Devan

    Several weeks ago I aquired a new job as a nanny three days a week to the, by far, sweetest child on the planet... hands down! Of course I'm still photographing, but I am his nanny three days out of the week and Im utterly in love with him to pieces!

    His parents room have three large glass floor to ceiling windows that just flood the white walls and large white bed with gorgeous, crispt natural light. I was changing his diaper and even though hes shy of three months, he was wiggling around on the bed, and I grabbed my camera!

    He's a full blown super model... These are all 120 film...! Kodak Portra 160 & 400 with a Contax 645.

  • Shellie & Oliver

    Shellie & Oliver

    With Spring finally making its arrival into Philadelphia, I had a wonderful afternoon with my friend Shellie, and her very well known pug, Oliver! To say the least, we had a lot of fun... there were many laughs.

    To view Olivers facebookpage, !

    Kodak 400h shot on a Hasselblad503 and digital Canon 5dMrkII