• How far will you travel?

    I make my home in the beautiful Miami, Florida as well as Stone Harbor, NJ. Since I travel to and from quite often, a lot of my client base is in-between these two, but if you are north of the city or East or West, please contact me and I will provide you with a quote as to the distance.
  • Do you photograph families and children or just pets?

    I specialize in working with animals, children and families. As a photographer and as a person, I never push down a challenge. I am always open to photographing new places and new subjects, wether they be still lives or architecture, etc.
  • My family and I are having a portrait session with you. What should we wear?

    I speak with my clients before our session, but I recommend to my clients that simple is best. You don't have to be the "all blue and white," family as some have said to me, but wear what you're comfortable in! Please stray away from patterns, logos or harsh bright colors.
  • My pet is shy/very hyper/not well tamed...

    When you're in my profession, every shoot is unpredictable. Every day is a new challenge, and thats what I love about it. No special training is required before a photo shoot! I often volunteer my services at local shelters where I work with animals that have never lived in homes or have had proper training when they were young. I have loads of experience with working with animals that are on the more shyer side, do not respond to their names (such as puppies), or even elderly dogs who can't see very well. Please don't let your dog's behavour hold you back from booking a session! I take each session with a positive, calm attitude, making your pet comfortable and feeling at ease.
  • My dog can't go off his/her leash... What do we do?

    Safety is MOST important to me... but, not to worry! I have this happen many times where an owner can't and or would prefer not release their dog from their leash. Removal of the leash in Photoshop after the photos are taken is fast and easy. A majority of my photographs, dogs have had their leashes photoshoped out. (I prefer that your pet be in a flat collar as opposed to a martingale style collar or a harness. If a harness or a martingale style collar is all that you have, that is fine!)
  • Locations, locations?!

    I work with each client to find a location that works best for their pet. If your dog gets distracted or excited easily or is just happiest in the familiar environment of your home (especially for the elderly), then home is the perfect place to make them feel comfortable and get the best images. Just as long as you have a backyard or open area, or a well-lit indoor area. Parks and or beaches, make for fantastic locations. I am familiar with plenty of wide, open locations where we can meet, where your pet will be safe and be able to enjoy themselves. Cats, kittens, and other small pets usually need to be photographed in the home where things are comfortable and familiar, however because I shoot with natural light, abundant light from large windows or skylights is required. However, if you take your cat outside on a harness or a collar with a leash, we can have ourselves a very interesting and unique shoot in your backyard etc. I can photograph your Horses anywhere, if you are comfortable taking them to locations that are aesthetically pleasing or I am happy to work with them in their stables/barn.
  • What if the weather is iffy?

    I am quite fond of overcast days, to me it is like giant soft box covering the sun which allows all those harsh shadows to melt away into soft lighting. Unless it is raining, I recommend to my clients we reschedule.
  • I have more than 1 pet, can you photograph them all?

    An additional $100 is added to each additional animal. (This does not include people or children)
  • Are products offered in the session fee?

    No. Your session fee includes my time and travel to you and photographing your pet or your family. You are able to choose which photos and which products you would like to purchase once your private online gallery has been released to you.
  • How long until I can see my gallery online?

    Your gallery will go up directly 3 weeks from the date of your session with me. You will be emailed all the information on how to access your gallery and view your photographs.
  • Can I purchase the digital files from you?

    Yep! I offer custom designed USB's for 60$ that will include all your edited photographs from our session! (Please take note, these are the photographs as-is on your private gallery online. They are not "retouched," via photoshop. Retouching takes place once a print order or album order has been placed."
  • What payment do you except?

    Checks and or cash! Whatever is easier for you.
  • Are gift certificates available for purchase?

    Of course! More information and pricing on gift certificates can be found in the Products and Pricing section of my website.
  • I'm ready to book a session! How do I go of doing that?

    THIS IS EXCITING! I am looking forward to meeting you and your pet! Simply email me at ctwohillphotography@yahoo.com or call my direct line at (609) 425 2118.