why choose me?

  • Photographing animals is my passion

    Nothing gives me greater pleasure than getting down on all fours, with my camera and photographing animals. To me, photographing animals isn't a hobby, or an interest passing by, its what I get up everyday to do. It is a life's dream of mine to someday to be able to make a difference in the world of animals, helping them find forever homes through my photography. When booking a session with me I promise you that you will receive the up most professional service from start to finish from a truly experienced and dedicated professional. Every artist has a way they capture their subjects. I concentrate on trying to highlight your pets best features, what makes them who they are, and the relationship you have with them. Many of my clients say immediately that I captured the soul or their personality, their happiness and playful attitude. I am proud to give my client's photographs they will treasure for many years to come.
  • Being calm, happy and patient

    I've had many clients say to me through out my years of working with animals, that my job requires so much patience... and a good attitude. When I work with your pet, they are in charge. I never approach a subject with a negative attitude or state of mind, with the understanding that animals can read our emotions rather than our words, together our species communicate through feeling and actions. Working with animals is never straightforward and when I'm working, my job, not only to capture one of a kind, stunning portraits of your pet, is to make them feel happy, safe and comfortable.
  • I aim for perfection

    Before you see your photographs online, in your private viewing gallery for the first time, I make sure they are professionally edited. When I'm out shooting I continually make fine manual adjustments to achieve perfect exposure on every shot. I work with Canon's top professional gear, which allows me to capture the moments and or one may call, "action shots" that the eye does not always see. My goal is to make you as my client overjoyed and happy with your photographs. I never stop working to appease your requests. I am always open to taking your call or email, and discussing and order or any questions you may have regarding your session with me.